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Black Fives Make History Now Golf Balls, 6 Pcs

Black Fives Make History Now Golf Balls, 6 Pcs

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Top-quality promotional golf balls featuring the Black Fives x BIG EAST Black History Month logo featuring the Black Fives Foundation's "Make History Now" slogan.

  • Material: Suryln cover + rubber/hard plastic core
  • One size: 1.68" (4.3cm)
  • A pack of 6 golf balls

(Please allow up to 10 days for fulfillment prior to shipping. Thank you.)

Black Fives® and Make History Now® are trademarks of Black Fives Properties, Inc. All rights reserved. BIG EAST® is a trademark of the BIG EAST Conference. All rights reserved.

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The official vintage-style private label of the Black Fives Foundation, was inspired by the widespread Physical Culture movement of the early 1900s, during which basketball first became popular among African Americans.