The Vandal Athletic Club was an African American organization formed in Atlantic City in the early 1910s. They assembled a basketball team that was top-rate and became known simply as the Vandals. 

Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey Home Court: Fitzgerald Auditorium Nickname: “The Vandals” Colors: Navy, Burnt Orange, Ivory Manager: C.M. Cain
Established: 1914 Cages were the norm in New Jersey basketball and they favored tough, physical teams like the Vandals. because they required quite a different and often more challenging style of play than on the open floor.

The Vandals were one of the best Black Fives in the East during World War I, even though their star player and team captain, Mike Briscoe, was drafted into military duty in 1918.

Mike Briscoe of the Atlantic City Vandals.