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Savoy Big Five™ Pennant

Black Fives™

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Vintage-style American-made wool felt pennant manufactured according to old-world standards of care in every aspect of production from the felt-cutting, the screen-making, and the flocking to the hand-printing and quality-checking. Limited edition run batch of only 25 units produced. We won't be making any more in these and when they sell out we will introduce a new set of teams.

Bronze and Black.

For more on the Savoy Big Five please visit our main website's team profile.

The Savoy Big Five basketball team, circa 1927. Left to right, assistant coach Robert “Bobby” Anderson, Randolph Ramsey, Inman Jackson, William Watson, Tommy Brookins, Joe Lillard, William Grant, Walter “Toots” Wright, Lester Johnson, and manager/coach Dick Hudson.

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